Essentials to Keep in Mind Ahead of Your Move

Top Items You Need When Moving Into a New House

Moving into a new home is an exciting journey, but amidst the chaos of packing and planning, it’s easy to overlook some small yet crucial items. These essentials can significantly ease your first day and night in your new abode, making the transition smoother and more comfortable. Here’s an extended list of items to remember for a seamless move-in experience.

Basic cleaning supplies

Although you may envision a perfect home as you move in, it’s more likely that your new house won’t be entirely up to your standards. Closets may be cluttered, the floors could use a good sweeping, and the toilets might not be sparkling clean. No matter how clean your new home was before you moved in, there are bound to be a few dust bunnies lurking in the corners. Plus, the floors will inevitably get at least somewhat dirty with all the movement during the move itself.

Here are some items to bring with you on your trip:

  • A few rolls of paper towels
  • An all-purpose cleaning spray is perfect for disinfecting surfaces and keeping your fridge clean.
  • A small or handheld vacuum can be helpful in bedrooms, stairs, and other places where a full-size vacuum might not be able to go.
  • Dishwashing towels and sponges
  • Dishwasher soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Basic kitchen necessities
  • Tool kit
Basic cleaning supplies


Clothing hangers

By packing your hangers in a clear, plastic bin, you will know exactly where they are in your new home and avoid having to search through all your boxes for something to hang your clothes on. Once you’ve unpacked your kitchen and made your beds, hang all the hangers in your closets. That way, you can automatically hang up clothes as you unpack them, rather than searching for clothing daily.


People often forget that batteries are essential to remember when packing for a move! I promise you’re going to need them the first week after moving. No matter how lovely your new home is, it won’t feel like home until you have the essentials–including batteries! TV remotes and smoke detectors always die at the most inopportune times. If your power is out during the first day/night, you’ll need flashlights. Be sure to bring along extra batteries, just in case.


While packing your bags for your trip, don’t forget the essential things like toothpaste and a toothbrush for each family member. These items are essential for maintaining good hygiene while away from home and are considered part of necessities.


You mustn’t forget your toolkit when moving! If packing it with your belongings, label the box clearly. The likelihood of needing a toolkit in a new home during the first day and week is exceptionally high. Though you may not be ready to create artwork, you’ll need basics like a measuring tape and utility knife handy on your first day in your new digs.

Before you start your move, ensure that your toolkit contains the following items:

  • Hammer
  • Multiple-sized screwdrivers
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers
  • Box cutter (for opening boxes)

Fire Extinguisher

It’s always better to be safe than sorry! If you hope to whip up a meal in your kitchen during the first week after moving into a new house, ensure you have a fire extinguisher ready. Fire extinguishers are essential for smoke control and can help prevent small fires in case of an accident. Keeping one near your oven is essential; having it in your kitchen will give you peace of mind after a move.

Toilet paper

Forgetting to pack toilet paper is a mistake you don’t want to make. Spare yourself a visit to the store on an already-busy moving day, and pack enough toilet paper to tide your family over for the first few days in your new home. Everyone under your roof – including your movers – will thank you later.


Lastly, don’t overlook your electronic chargers! These are the types of items that could easily get lost in a box or (gasp) left at your old house. The day of your big move is no time to have a dead phone. Pack everyone’s charging cords into a separate bag or box to avoid the headache of having a non-functioning phone in your new location.

How Can You Stay Organised on the Moving House Day?

How Can You Stay Organised on the Moving House Day?

Moving day is often one of the busiest days of your life! You’ve got to keep track of everything – all those last-minute tasks and long to-do lists. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay organized throughout the day so your move goes as smoothly as possible. Read on for tips and tricks to help you stay on top.

A planning tool like this can help you organise your tasks, set timelines and deadlines, and keep track of everything that needs to be done on the big day. You can download printable templates online or find apps and other digital tools that make planning and keeping track of all your belongings on moving day much more accessible.

This way, you’ll be able to ensure that you have everything packed up before moving day arrives. When it does, you can double-check your packing lists against the contents of your boxes to ensure that nothing has been left behind.

If you’ve hired professionals to help you on moving day, keep in close contact with them throughout the day so that they know precisely when they will be arriving and what tasks need to be completed. This communication is essential for making sure that everything goes according to plan.

Create a staging area for your belongings

Before you begin packing, designate a space in your home for storing all your items until they are moved into the new house or apartment. This can help you avoid having piles of moving boxes and bags everywhere while you’re working, making it easier to stay organized during the upcoming move.

For those first few days in your new home, you’ll likely be so busy unpacking and settling into your new space that you won’t have time to shop for necessities. Pack a small bag with toiletries, a change of clothes, and other essentials so you can easily take care of yourself in the days after your move.

Create a staging area for your belongings
Hire Professional Removalists to Help With the Moving Process

Hire Professional Removalists to Help With the Moving Process

If you’re moving to a new home, you know how stressful it can be. Planning your belongings, getting everything packed up and ready for transport, and setting up utilities in your new place takes time and effort! But there’s one thing that will make your move a bit easier: hiring professional removalists.

Professional removalists have the experience and equipment necessary to help you with your move. They can easily transport furniture, electronics, appliances, and other large items without breaking them down or packing them up in a special way. They can also provide security features like locking mechanisms that keep your belongings safe while moving.

So if you’re looking to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible, consider hiring professional removalists. With their help, you’ll be able to focus on settling into your new home without worrying about the logistics of your big move.


There are many ways to stay organized on the day of your move, including using a detailed moving day planner, writing packing lists for each room, coordinating with your moving team, and creating a staging area for your belongings. Another great strategy is hiring professional removalists to assist you with transporting and handling your possessions on moving days.

With their help, you can be sure your move will go smoothly and efficiently without all the stress and hassle. So, consider hiring professional removalists today to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible! Call Royal Sydney Removals now at  1800 4914 66 for a free consultation.


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