When is the Best Time of the Year to Relocate?

Choosing the Best Season for Your Move:

Relocating to a new home involves crucial timing considerations. The season you choose impacts costs, convenience, and weather challenges. Each season has its pros and cons, influencing your moving experience. This blog post explores these seasonal factors, helping you decide the best time for your move.

Spring: The season of new beginnings

Spring is a popular time for relocation. The weather is typically mild, making it easier to navigate the moving process. Additionally, spring offers a broader range of housing options as more properties become available. However, remember that spring is also a busy season for real estate, which can drive up prices and increase competition for rental properties and moving services.


  • Mild weather and longer daylight hours make for more pleasant moving conditions.
  • Increased housing options and availability.
  • The ideal time for families with school-age children, as it minimises disruptions to their education.


  • Higher demand for moving services and housing, potentially leading to increased costs.
  • Increased competition for rental properties and limited availability.
Spring: The season of new beginnings
Summer Season: Peak Relocation Process

Summer Season: Peak Relocation Process

Moving is most commonly done during the summer, which is known as the busiest season for this activity. With school breaks and favourable weather, many families choose to relocate during the summer months. However, the high demand for moving services and relocation companies can lead to higher costs and limited availability. It’s essential to plan well in advance and book your moving services early if you decide to move during the summer, especially for international relocation.


  • Longer days and better weather provide optimal conditions for the moving process.
  • Movers tend to have longer business hours, making it great for international moving
  • Children are on summer break, minimising disruptions to their school routine.
  • You’ll have plenty of time to settle into your new home before the school year begins.
  • Cons:
  • High demand for moving services can result in increased costs and limited availability.
  • Crowded roadways and busy neighbourhoods due to the peak moving season.

Fall: A Season of Transition

Fall can be an excellent time to move, especially if you’re looking for more affordable prices and less competition. As the peak moving season winds down, moving companies may offer discounted rates, and housing options may be more readily available. The weather is generally mild, although monitoring potential storms or hurricanes in certain regions is essential. This is a good time to move before the leases begin.


  • Lower costs for moving services and housing.
  • Cooler weather is more comfortable for the physical aspects of moving.
  • Availability of discounted rates and flexible moving schedules.


  • Possible weather disruptions, such as hurricanes or storms in some regions.
  • Limited availability of housing options in certain areas.
Fall: A Season of Transition
Winter Season: Time for budget-friendly moves

Winter Season: Time for budget-friendly moves

Winter is the least popular time for relocation, primarily due to colder weather conditions and the holiday season. However, winter can be an excellent time to move if you want cost savings. Many moving companies often offer discounted rates during the off-peak season, and rental properties are typically more available. It’s important to consider potential challenges like icy roads and snowstorms and plan accordingly.


  • Lower costs for moving services and potentially discounted rates.
  • More housing options are available with less competition.
  • Availability of professional movers and flexible scheduling.


  • Cold weather and potential challenges with icy roads or snowstorms.
  • Moving during the holiday season may disrupt traditional celebrations and gatherings.

Consider Local Factors:

When deciding on the ideal time to move, it’s crucial to consider the local factors that could impact your choice. Local factors can significantly impact housing availability, the cost of moving services, and the overall ease of the relocation process. Different regions experience varying weather conditions throughout the year. If you’re moving to an area with extreme weather patterns, such as heavy snowfall, hurricanes, or monsoon seasons, it’s essential to factor in these weather conditions. Moving during inclement weather can pose challenges and require additional precautions and planning. Consider your destination’s climate and weather patterns and choose a time of year that minimises the risk of weather-related disruptions.

Consider Local Factors:
Consider Off-Season Moves :

Consider Off-Season Moves

If you’re moving to a popular tourist destination, it’s worth considering the peak tourist seasons. During these times, accommodations may be limited and more expensive. Additionally, the influx of tourists may lead to crowded streets and increased traffic, making navigating and settling into your new home more challenging. Research the peak tourist seasons of your destination and schedule your move outside of these periods if possible. Off-season moves may not only be less expensive, they are also easier to organise because of fewer variables.

Certain regions have annual events, festivals, or holidays that can impact the availability of services and accommodations. These events can cause increased traffic, limited access to certain areas, and higher prices for moving services. Check the local calendar for significant events or festivals that coincide with your moving timeline. If these events are likely to disrupt your move, you may want to adjust your relocation services schedule accordingly.

School Calendars

If you have school-age children, it’s essential to consider the academic calendar of your destination. Moving during the school year may disrupt your children’s education, making it challenging for them to adjust to a new school and curriculum. Aim to schedule your move during school breaks or at the end of the school year to minimise disruptions and provide a smoother transition for your children. Labor Day weekend is a long break for college students and a busy time in most areas. Have more flexible schedules on your moving calendar to afford removalists more availability.

Local Real Estate Market:

The local real estate market can also influence the timing of your move. Research the housing market trends in your destination area. In some markets, there may be specific seasons when housing inventory is higher or prices are more favourable for buyers or renters. Understanding the local real estate market allows you to decide the best time to relocate based on housing availability and affordability. You can also look for a better deal with the best timing.

School Calendars:

Prepare your Move in Any Season

No matter the season, preparing for a move ahead of time can help alleviate stress and ensure a smooth process. Here are some tips that can help:

  1. Plan and organise: Plan your move well, regardless of the season. A clear plan will help you stay organised throughout the moving process. Create a checklist of tasks to accomplish, such as notifying utilities, changing your address, and packing.
  2. Declutter and downsize: Moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter and downsize your belongings. Sort your items and donate, sell, or dispose of things you no longer need or use. This will reduce the amount of stuff you have to move and make the packing and unpacking easier.
  3. Hire professional movers: If your budget allows, consider hiring professional movers. They have the expertise and equipment to handle the logistics of your move, regardless of the season. Research reputable moving companies, compare quotes, and book their services in advance to secure your preferred moving date.
  4. Pack strategically: Proper packing is crucial for a smooth move. Invest in quality packing materials and label your boxes clearly. Pack essential items separately and keep them easily accessible. Consider the weather conditions and take precautions accordingly, such as wrapping fragile items carefully or protecting furniture from moisture.
  5. Take weather-related precautions: Different seasons bring different weather conditions. If you’re moving during the winter, ensure walkways and driveways are clear of snow and ice to prevent accidents. In hot weather, stay hydrated and take breaks to avoid heat exhaustion. Consider protecting your belongings from extreme temperatures or moisture during transport.
  6. Notify essential parties: Remember to inform necessary parties about your move. Update your address with the post office, banks, credit card companies, subscriptions, and other relevant institutions. Notify friends, family, and important contacts about your change of address to ensure you receive your mail and important documents.
  7. Arrange for utilities and services: Schedule the disconnection at your current home and arrange for the connection of services at your new home. This includes electricity, gas, water, internet, and cable. Coordinate the timing to ensure a seamless transition of services.
  8. Pack an essentials box: Regardless of the season, pack an essentials box containing items you’ll need immediately upon arrival at your new home. This can include toiletries, a change of clothes, snacks, important documents, and basic tools. Having these essentials easily accessible will help you settle in without having to unpack everything immediately.
  9. Seek help from friends and family: Moving can be demanding, so don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and family. They can assist with packing, loading/unloading, and emotional support during the transition. Make sure to express your gratitude and show appreciation for their assistance.
  10. Stay positive and flexible: No matter the challenges that may arise during the moving process, staying positive and flexible is essential. Embrace the excitement of starting a new chapter in your life, and remember that the benefits of your new home will outweigh the temporary inconveniences.
Prepare your Move in Any Season


Relocating to a new residence presents an exciting chance. Planning and taking the necessary precautions can make the transition smoother and stress-free. Hiring professional movers such as Royal Sydney Removals can help ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to start your new adventure with peace of mind. With proper preparation and the help of our experienced team, you can have a successful move no matter what season it is. Call us now at 1800 4914 66 to plan your next move.


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