How To Move A Fridge

Cool Tips for Moving Your Fridge

Moving to a new home often involves the challenge of transporting large appliances, and the refrigerator is typically one of the trickiest. If you’re faced with the dilemma of moving a fridge that seems too large for the doors or windows of your new residence, it’s crucial to approach the task with preparation and care. Here’s an extended guide to help you manage this aspect of your move.

How to Properly Clean and Secure Your Fridge for a Move

Relocating your refrigerator requires more than physical moving; it starts with thoroughly cleaning and ensuring your appliance is ready and safe to transport. This task can be systematically broken down into two main steps:

Step 1: Emptying and Disconnecting the Fridge

  1. Clearing the Contents: Begin by removing all food items from the fridge. Doing this well before your move is essential to avoid wastage and ensure the appliance is empty.
  2. Power and Water Supply: Disconnect the fridge from the power supply. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser or ice maker, you must also turn off and disconnect the water supply.
  3. Deep Cleaning: Using hot, soapy water, clean the fridge thoroughly. Pay special attention to the shelves, door, and other interior parts. This step is vital for preventing mould growth and eliminating odours during transit. Don’t forget to clean the exterior as well.

Step 2: Preparing the Appliance for Transport

  1. Remove Attached Items: Check for any items that might still be attached to your fridge, such as magnets, notes, or decorations.
  2. Dealing with Packing Straps: If you find plastic packing straps, remove them carefully. In cases where they are stuck due to old tape residue, gently use a scraper or a solvent that’s safe for appliances to loosen them without damaging the surface.
  3. Secure Internal Components: Secure or remove internal components like shelves, drawers, and loose parts. If removed, pack these separately and label them for easy reassembly.
  4. External Securing: If the fridge doors need securing, use a solid but gentle adhesive tape that won’t leave residue or damage the appliance’s surface.

This two-step approach ensures that your refrigerator is clean, prepped, and secured for a safe move. By preparing your fridge correctly, you can avoid potential spills, damage, or malfunctions when you arrive at your new home.

Preparations For Moving Fridge
Essential Tips and When to Call the Pros

Essential Tips and When to Call the Pros

Moving a refrigerator by yourself can be daunting, given its size, weight, and the technical considerations involved. If you decide to undertake this task, it’s crucial to have at least one or two additional people to assist you, as it’s neither easy nor safe to attempt it alone. Here are some extended tips and considerations for moving a refrigerator or other large appliances:

  1. Consult the Manual: Before moving your fridge, review the care and maintenance section of its manual. This will provide specific instructions for your model, including preparation for moving.
  2. Understand the time frame: Know how long the refrigerator needs to be turned off before and after moving. This is important to prevent damage to the compressor and other internal components.
  3. Distance and Positioning: Consider how far you need to move the fridge and whether it will remain upright during the move. Keeping it upright is generally recommended to protect the internal mechanisms.
  4. Moving Freezers: Moving a chest or upright freezer is similar to moving a refrigerator. Ensure it’s defrosted, cleaned, and adequately secured.
  5. Preparation Steps: Properly preparing your refrigerator involves cleaning it, defrosting it if necessary, securing loose components inside, and unplugging and disconnecting it from water lines.
  6. Packing and Transporting Appliances: The right equipment is vital for large appliances like washers and dryers. Dollies, ramps, moving blankets, straps, or chains can ensure a safe move. Pack and secure these appliances properly to prevent damage.

However, considering the complexity and physical demands of moving such large appliances, hiring professional removalist companies like Royal Sydney Removals might be wiser. Professionals bring the necessary experience, knowledge, and equipment to ensure your appliances, including fridges, washing machines, and dryers, are moved safely and efficiently. With a professional team, you can avoid personal injury or damage to your valuable appliances.

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Successfully moving your refrigerator to your new home is just the beginning of the process. Proper installation and setup are crucial to ensure it functions correctly and safely in its new location. Here’s a detailed guide to help you with the post-move installation:

  1. Power Safety: Ensure that the power at the fuse box or circuit breaker is turned off before installing. This is a necessary safety step to prevent any electrical hazards.
  2. Component Check: Carefully remove any parts secured or detached during the move, like shelves or drawers. If you’ve purchased new parts for the fridge, now is the time to install them.
  3. Testing: After installing any new parts, new parts, testing the fridge is essential to back on and monitor the fridge to ensure it’s functioning as expected. Check the temperature settings and listen for any unusual noises.
  4. Cleaning and Organizing: Before restocking your fridge, clean it well. This is also an opportune time to return the shelves and organize them according to your preferences.
  5. Proper Placement: Ensure your refrigerator is correctly positioned in its designated spot in the kitchen. Remember to leave enough space for ventilation and easy opening of doors.
  6. Avoiding Damage: During installation, avoid damage to the fridge or your home. If the appliance isn’t misn’tcorrectly, the doors or other parts can be damaged during reinstallation.

While these steps are doable as a DIY project, the process can be challenging, especially if you’re you’reperienced in moving and installing large appliances. This is where professional services like Royal Sydney Removals come in. Our team is equipped to handle the entire process, from preparing and moving your fridge to installing it in your new home. We ensure a stress-free move, minimizing the risk of damage to your fridge and other household items.

For assistance, you can reach out to us at 1800 491 466 or contact us through our website. With our expertise, your move can be smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

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