Moving Frozen Food

Chill Out: Expert Tips for Moving Your Frozen Foods Safely

Relocating to a new home often involves a long list of tasks, and in the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to overlook the details of moving perishable items like frozen food. A typical scenario many face post-move is the disappointing discovery of defrosted and spoiled food due to inadequate planning for their freezer contents. However, this situation can be entirely avoided with the proper knowledge and preparation.

Our team at Royal Sydney Removals, renowned for being Sydney’s top-rated and most cost-effective removalists, has extensive experience transporting frozen food safely. We’re eager to share our expert tips to help you manage this often-overlooked aspect of moving.


We recommend that you spend some time preparing to move your frozen foods, starting with the below steps a week before you move:

  • Go through your freezer and throw out any expired frozen goods- you don’t need to keep those!
  • Make a list of all your good, usable frozen food. When you have the final item list, write down the expiration date for each item. This will help you know which foods to eat first.
  • If your move is soon and you don’t have time to eat all your frozen goods- share the goods amongst friends and family or host a farewell/moving party!
  • As well as reducing how much-frozen food you will ultimately need to move with you into the new place, you now have an excuse to host a big farewell dinner for friends, family, and neighbours. It is a great way to reduce food for transport and bid your old home farewell.
  • Whatever is left over: cook! Start cooking as much of your frozen food as possible before you move. Aim to have your fridge and freezer as empty as possible the day before your move- and don’t replenish!
Moving Day

Moving Day

Finally- it’s time for your move! On a moving day, follow Royal Sydney Removal’s best tips to make your move with the frozen food as seamless as possible:

  • Choose your frozen food transportation option carefully: As a general guideline, Royal Sydney Removal teams recommend two different options for frozen food transportation: either using an esky to transport and store your food or placing your frozen goods in a portable freezer for the move.
  • Once you and your Royal Sydney Removals team have selected the best mode of transport, fill up the chosen frozen food carrier with ice or ice packs to ensure your food remains cold throughout the moving process.
  • Pack Your Fridge or Freezer Last: Your Royal Sydney Removals team will try to load the fridge or freezer up last, and that means it is unloaded first at the new house, resulting in a shorter period in which you are without a fridge and freezer.

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