Royal Sydney Removals

In these terms & conditions, unless the context otherwise advises – the term “contractor.”
refers to royal Sydney removals and its employees, agents, staff, drivers, offsiders &
The customer will refer to the individual/s or business/s who are being provided with the
service by the contractors
“Unless advised otherwise” – refers to a customer receiving written notice from royal.
Sydney removals of terms other than the terms below


  • 1.1 We accept cash, VISA & MasterCard (3% surcharge applies for credit card pa)
  • 1.2 All charges payable to the contractor under this contract are payable
    by the customer on the date specified by the contractor. In the event
    that the contractor is not padded within the date & timeframe specified
    to the customer, the contractor is entitled to charge a “late payment.”
    the fee of $2.00 per calendar day until the account is cleared in full
  • 1.3 Deposits requested by the contractor are payable at the time of
    booking the move. Failure to pay the deposit may result in
    cancellation or delay
  • 1.4 All deposits are non-refundable
  • 1.5 In the instance where the services requested by the customer varies
    from the work for which a quotation was provided, the contractor
    will be entitled to make reasonable additional charges
  • 1.6 All balances must be paid & finalised to the contractor upon
    completion of services provided to the customer
  • 1.7 3% surcharges are applicable for all credit card payments (VISA &
  • 1.8 The contractor will not accept payments with cheque unless pre-
    approved by the contractor at least 7 days prior to the booking date
    provided to the customer
  • 1.9 Bank transfers will only be accepted provided that full payment is
    made three business days prior to the booking date. Bank transfers
    will NOT be accepted on the booking date
  • 1.10 If the customer has not completed payment to the contractor,
    the contractor will have the right to refuse delivery at the customer’s
    expense should it become apparent that the customer is unwilling or unable to pay in the required form of payment at the required time
    and place, any storage fees incurred will be passed onto the customer

Access charges

  • 1.11
    There would be additional charges due to difficult access and
    restricted parking will be charged to the customer
  • 1.12
    In the instance where the customers entrance to both pick-up
    and delivery locations are more than 25M away from the allocated
    truck provided, the contractor will have the right to apply additional
    charges which is $1 per meter
  • 1.13 We do not charge for the first two flights of stairs but we
    charge $50 for each additional flights of stairs


  • 2.1 Free Hire Boxes are only available for customers who are being
    relocated by royal Sydney removals and all contractors and can only
    be kept by the customer for a maximum of 21 days from the date the
    customer received the boxes. If the boxes are not returned within the
    21 days and if the boxes are not in usable condition – such tapes not
    removed cracks and tears the bond of $5 for each box will be
  • 2.2 Courier charges will apply to the customer for the delivery and pick
    up of boxes


  • 3.1 All booking deposits paid to have the truck allocated for the customer
    are non-refundable
  • 3.2 Cancellation fees will be incurred if a customer cancels a job within
    less than two full working days’ notice. The contractor may agree to
    waive the cancellation at their discretion
  • 3.3 Cancellation fees are a minimum of $250 per booking or 80% of the
    booking value
  • 3.4 Cancellation fees will be withheld from any deposits (or pre-
    payments) made by the customer
  • 3.5 Full payment of the move may be charged to the customer if the
    move is cancelled within less than two full working
  • 3.6 Cubic meter allocation based on our inventory calculator or inspector
    are estimation Only, as items on the day of move may be stacked
    differently in order to ensure there transport safely.
  • 3.7 The customer is reserving the space provided on the truck only, it
    does not ensure all of items of the home are taken. If the customer
    requires additional space fees and charges may incur.


  • 4.1 The customer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all
    information provided for quotation. Quotes and services are provided
    to the customer according to this information
  • 4.2 Prior to the commencement of your move, the customer MUST give
    written notice to the contractor of any goods which are; fragile, any
    precious Items & any items over 100KG
  • 4.3 The customer is requested to be in attendance at both premises
    when the contractor arrives and to remain until the service is
  • 4.4 The customer is responsible in ensuring that all goods to be moved
    are given to the contractor and none are left behind or taken in error
  • 4.5 The customer is obliged to provide a safe working environment for
    the contractor at both pickup and delivery locations
  • 4.6 The customer must provide the company with any information
    related and relevant to the services to be provided to the customer
    by the contractor and advise of any special requirements or care
    instructions of any item/s
  • 4.7 In the instance where the customer does not accept the contractor’s
    recommendations in order to move the items safely, the items to be
    moved will be at the sole risk of the customer with all insurances
    voided and no responsibility to be held by the contractor
  • 4.8 All necessary permissions, parking permits, licenses & consents which
    may be required for the contractor to complete the services, will be
    the responsibility of the customer
  • 4.9 On the occasion where any furniture or item is damaged, the
    customer MUST advise head office via email prior to the sign off of
  • 4.10 Unless the contractor has quoted the customer on a service
    which includes the assembling and disassembling of furniture –it will
    incur a charge of $55 plus GST, the contractors can disassemble gas
    lift bed but not reassemble at down lift address, Contractors are
    unable to disassemble or assemble IKEA furniture (this includes
    removal of item) If contractors assemble or dissemble any Furniture,
    it is no longer covered under our insurance. This will be moved at the
    customer own risk as these items are likely to be brittle in nature and
    generally get damaged if moved again or disassembled
  • 4.11 The customer is responsible for providing all relevant
    information regarding the furniture and goods for the contractors to
  • 4.12 Customers are paying for the size of the truck mentioned in
    the email confirmations or in case of booking a share load customer is
    paying for the space reserved on the truck as indicated in the email
    confirmation , In the instance where not all of the customer’s items
    fit onto the space allocated on the BACK-LOAD, or in case of bookingyour own truck and is not sufficient to move all of your items royal
    Sydney removals takes no responsibility and cannot compensate you
    as you are paying for the service of the size mentioned only , the
    contractor royal Sydney removals holds no responsibility if the
    customer needed more space other than the space he booked and
    allocated to him mentioned in the confirmation email , charges of
    $100+GST per additional cubic metre will apply on a sharing load
    (subject to availability) in case of having your own truck extra charges
    would apply subject to the size of truck required and availability.
  • 4.13 All estimations given to the customers by our staff or via our
    website estimator are indicative only and subject to change due to
    the size of the item and whether its stackable or not which may
    occupy more space.
  • 4.14 Estimation made by our staff or our website estimator of the
    size of your items are indicative as when items are mentioned may
    differ in size or shape and may not be stackable such plants and
    brittle items there for estimation are indicative only and subject to
    increase or decrease.
  • 4.15 The contractor has the right to refuse balcony lifts, pianos,
    billiard tables and any items over 100KG on the day of the move at
    their discretion. The customer may have additional charges applied to
    their account to have these items moved
  • 4.16 Estimation of deliveries 24-48 hours and may be outside
    business hours, Due to being a shared truck service for back load
    customer – the customer must understand that time and dates may
    be brought forward or pushed back on short notice. This applies to
    both pickup and delivery. The contractor reserves the right to do so
    and have no duty to provide compensation
  • 4.17 The customer is responsible for ensuring adequate parking is
    available for the contractors and the truck allocated. If parking fines
    are incurred due to the customer’s inability to provide sufficient
    space for the truck – the customer will be responsible for covering
    the costs of the fines
  • 4.18 The customer is responsible for notifying royal Sydney
    removals of all dangerous goods, banned substances, such as but not
    limited to , inflammable gas cylinders, animal and plants before
    commencing relocation as these may breach The Australian
    Transport Regulations


  • 5.1 Deliveries may take between 24-48 hours and outside business hours,
    In the instance where the customer is unable to receive the goods at
    the drop off address immediately upon their arrival, the contractor isentitled to unload the goods in their own or any other storage facility
    and unloading there will be deemed to be delivery in accordance with
    these terms & conditions and the contractor will be entitled to charge
    their normal charges in respect of storage and the delivery of the
    goods thereafter
  • 5.2 If the customer is not located at the delivery address to receive the
    furniture and goods from the contractor, the furniture and goods
    may need to be kept overnight and will be at the customer’s expense,
    risk and responsibility. Royal Sydney removals and all contractors will
    hold no liability upon them overnight
  • 5.3 Due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, accidents, weather
    conditions etc. – delays may occur
  • 5.4 The customer acknowledges and accepts that without limitation, any
    time and date advised by the contractor to the customer relating to
    the service to be provided are indicative only and hence no guarantee
    will be provided due to unforeseen circumstances royal Sydney
    removals highly recommend that the customer does not book flights,
    hotels or any other sort of reservations when booking a back-load
    service, as unforeseen circumstances and delays may occur. In the
    instance where the customer does not take this recommendation,
    the contractor will not provide compensation
  • 5.5 If the time and date advised to the customer from the contractor
    cannot be met, the contractor reserves the right to alter the time and
    date that is reasonably practicable
  • 5.6 The route and method in which the service provided to the customer
    is to be performed shall be at the complete discretion of all


  • 6.1 The customer is responsible for providing a list of all furniture and
    contents to be stored
  • 6.2 Where goods have been stored for more than 25 weeks, unless
    advised otherwise – the contractor is permitted and may change the
    storage charges and will notify the customer with written notice
  • 6.3 The customer must remove their goods from storage within 7 days,
    unless advised otherwise by royal Sydney removals. If the customer
    fails to do so, the contractor may sell all or any of the goods by public
    auction or by private treaty and will apply all net proceeds in
    satisfaction of any amount owing to the contractor and hold the
    balance (if any) on account of the customer
  • 6.4 If the customer’s goods are being stored by the contractors or any
    other storage facility on behalf of the contractor, the customer must
    provide royal Sydney removals with a correspondence address and
    contact information
  • 6.5 The contractor has the right to withhold all furniture and contents
    until the customer has paid the account in full


  • 7.1 The contractor will not be liable for loss of or damage whatsoever
    cause to :

    • 7.1.1 Any article/s contained in any piece of furniture, package, box,
      bundle, case or container which were not packed/unpacked by the
    • 7.1.2 Any plates, jewellery, cash or delicate valuables unless contained in a
      sealed packet that the customer has detailed in written notice to the
    • 7.1.3 Any items, furniture or goods that were not supervise by the
      customer whilst being loaded and unloaded
    • 7.1.4 Any mechanical or electronics, devices or appliances or any other item
      which is brittle in nature or in a condition where it cannot be moved
      without risk or damage
    • 7.1.5 Any article of perishable nature including any leather, hide covering or
    • 7.1.6 Any RTA furniture (ready to assemble) that is not disassembled by the
      owner prior to the move including trolley BBQ’s, TV stands & printers
  • 7.2 Any furniture or goods that were NOT loaded by the contractors.
    Only authorised contractors are to drive, load and unload the truck.
    Failure to abide by this condition will void all insurance as well as any
    damage claims taken out by the customer and the contractor will not
    be held responsible
  • 7.3 Liability for damages will only be accepted if it is proven without
    reasonable doubt that the contractors have been negligent and have
    not carried out duty of care – the liability will be held with the
    individuals who carried out the services provided to the customer and
    NOT royal Sydney removals
  • 7.4 Any excess amounts to be paid when claiming insurance for floods,
    fires, collisions or overturning are to be paid by the customer
  • 7.5 The customer is responsible to ensure that the goods are adequately
    insured for transportation to their liking. In the instance where the
    customer would like to have additional coverage, the customer is to
    go to or alternatively request
    that royal Sydney removals arrange this for the customer. Should the
    customer decide not to do so, the customer indemnifies all
    contractors from any claims whatsoever, including but not limited to
  • 7.6 If any damage to the property or goods is caused, the customer must
    show the contractors prior to them leaving the property or liability
    will be denied.
  • 7.7 All claims for damage or loss to goods or property MUST be made in
    writing to royal Sydney removals via email on the same day of the
    customers booking date or due delivery date. In the event that any claim is not made within the time-frame provided, liability (if any) of
    the contractor will cease
  • 7.8 Any damages caused to furniture & goods by reason of defect or
    inadequate packing or unpacking which was undertaken by a person
    other than the contractors, its agents, servants or sub-contractors,
    the customer will not be entitled to claim or recover for such damage
  • 7.9 Public Liability Insurance will only cover damages made by the truck
    allocated to the customer to the building at both pick-up and delivery
  • 7.10 Goods in Transit Insurance will only cover damages to
    furniture & contents whilst in the truck and in transit for fire,
    collision, motor vehicle accidents and floods
  • 7.11 Comprehensive Insurance will only cover the loading and
    unloading of your goods throughout the move
  • 7.12 Insurance will be void once a party other than the contractors
    helped throughout the move, hard and fast , strongly advise that the
    customer do not assist the contractors with anything
  • 7.13 Electronics TV’s and white goods etc.
  • 7.14 Liabilities will not be accepted for malfunctions of all
    electronics and white goods such as but not limited to, non-
    operational items, as these items were not tested by us prior to the
    move, we strongly advise to turn on your tv’s to show our team its
    fully operational prior to the uplift and have our team to sign on the
    delivery docket its been tested and turn it on up on delivery to check
    its operational and sign on our delivery docket the state of the tv
    operation or liability will be denied,
  • 7.15 White goods only covered for cosmetic damages only claims
    for nonoperational or malfunctions will not be accepted as these
    items were not tested by us prior of the move.

Industrial machinery and relocation

  • 7.16 Full Payment is required prior to commencement of the job.
  • 7.17 The price will remain firm for 15 days. All prices quoted herein
    are exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax.
  • 7.18 The price is based on work being carried out during normal
    working hours. Any work carried out after hours will be subject to
    the appropriate overtime charges. Waiting times not caused by the
    the contractor would incur $55 plus GST PER HALF HOUR
  • 7.20 • Additional Conditions of Quotation – if any information is
    not provided relating to the scope of works for the move this may
    result in extra costs.
  • 7.21 • Quotation Acceptance – No Firm booking will be made
    unless the cost of the job is paid and the booking confirmation is
    confirmed to us.
  • 7.22 • Goods in Transit Insurance – We advise you to give special
    consideration to insurance on your equipment as liability is not
    accepted by our company for any damage or malfunctions may or
    may not have been caused during the transportation OR THE
    HANDLING of your items or machinery (refer to our conditions of
    contract). If you require to have your items covered with full
    insurance, we suggest you contact Carrier Insurance Broker to take
    out a policy for the goods being transported.
  • 7.23 • Conditions Of Contract – All services provided and
    performed are subject to our standard terms and conditions of


  • 8.1 All packing boxes provided by the contractor to the customer will be
    charged at a refundable rate of $5 ($4 refunded upon returning)
  • 8.2 All boxes returned in order for the bond to be returned to the
    customer must be in a usable condition without any tears, rips or
    water damage. All tape must be removed also
  • 8.3 Our plastic premium packing tubs are to be returned with their lids
    with no cracks or breaks in order to have the bond refunded


  • VIP & PREMIUM MOVES – 1 hour at pick up & 1 hour at delivery
  • LOCAL MOVES – included in hourly rate provided to the customer
  • TIME ALLOWANCES showed below


  • 5 cubic meters – 30 minutes
  • 10 cubic meters – 1 hour
  • 15 cubic meters – 1.5 hours
  • 20 cubic meters – 2 hours
  • 25 cubic meters – 2.5 hours
  • 30 cubic meters – 3 hours
  • 35 cubic meters – 3.5 hours
  • 40 cubic meters – 4 hours
  • 50 cubic meters – 4.5 hours
  • 60 cubic meters – 5 hours


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